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Clickminded Search Engine Optimization

Clickminded Review - Is Clickminded The Best SEO Course That Works?

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In 2010, SEO & SEO Changed My Life... But the game has changed!

Years ago, before the earth-shaking Google updates of Penguin and Panda, the SEO game was all about publishing as much content as you can and getting as many links as you could...

Some people went all in publishing rubbish content as fast as they could and using spam bots to get thousands of backlinks from shady sites.

Unfortunately, these people missed the dozens of videos and updates from Google's head of search engine spam, Matt Cutts, warning that this type of marketing was destined for failure.

And then it happened... Google algorithm updates began completely changing the results pages and entire businesses went from being wildly successful to disappearing from Google, overnight.

You may be thinking...

"Miles, what does this stroll down memory lane have to do with Clickminded or SEO, today?"

And that is a great question...

Over the past few months, my wife and I have decided to double down on our SEO efforts, but the game has changed so much, we were paralyzed with fear.

Knowing that if we over-optimized, were flagged by Google for keyword stuffing or got the wrong kind of backlinks our site could get SLAPPED by Google and our 500,000+ visits per month could dry up...

We didn't know what to do...

We didn't have a clear plan for how to do SEO in a way that works... But the opportunity to reach millions more people per year is still there with organic search engine optimization.

This is when I went on a search for the best SEO course and how I found Clickminded.

Full disclosure, I know the creator of this course (you will learn more about that here in a minute), I am an affiliate for the course and I've negotiated you a special discount on the course (coming out of my affilitae commission) since I know the creator!  🙂  I'll explain everything here, below.

The three most important things to consider before buying an SEO course...

Now that you fully understand the risk of going about search engine optimization the wrong way, how can you tell if a SEO knows what they are talking about?  ...Or if the course is worth considering?

Here are the three most important things to look for...

#1 - The Source - Is the person or team you are seeking to study under just someone who 'figured it out' on their own?  Or have they been in the trenches working with startups or major corporations on their search engine optimization?

#2 - The Promise - Guaranteed ranking or fast results are bad with SEO. To build authority in Google or any search engine, it simply takes time...

SEO courses marketed to give you 'magical' results with overnight rankings or guaranteed 1st-page results are potentially setting you up for a google slap like those folks I mentioned earlier who are still licking their wounds.

#3 - The Guarantee - Does the course have a money back guarantee?  Not a 'conditional' guarantee like some courses, but a full-on money-back guarantee!

Enter the Clickminded course and Tommy Griffith

My wife Melanie first met Tommy at a mastermind event in Bangkok last year... I was at a different table than them but she was very impressed with his understanding of optimization.

Our paths crossed again at a conference in Dallas and we went to dinner... I don't think he realized that I was vetting him personally and really trying to understand if he was just another internet marketer trying to make a buck...

Or if he was really a world-class SEO.

This is when I learned that he was still a full time employee of AirBnB as an SEO and used to work for PayPal.

As someone who ran a small SEO agency myself from 2009 to 2013, this is an impressive history.

Like I said, I take the search engine optimization side of my business seriously, so this level of vetting someone is normal for me.

I'm also notoriously slow to consider new teachers as there are a million great sales letters out there but maybe a handful of great teachers.

Recently, nearly 1 year after meeting Tommy... I enrolled in his Clickminded course and have been very impressed so far.

The first thing I noticed was that there were minimal marketing tactics used in the sales process... No 'evergreen webinar' that I had to watch before the offer...

No upsells in the funnel... Just the one Clickminded course and I respect an industry expert who can maintain that kind of focus.

What to expect inside the Clickminded course

The checkout and product delivery were smooth and Clickminded is built on Teachable so the delivery is flawless.

His videos are a combination of talking head and screenshares/slideshows which make the content easy to consume.

Miles, enough with that fluffy stuff... How is the SEO content?

The first thing I'm most impressed with is that Tommy did not stop with simply teaching how to rank on Google...  And of course, that is in there!

Some SEO courses approach the problem from one angle, but the SEO game is very different for a brand new site, for a local business, for YouTube or Amazon, etc.

I have often been asked what a good SEO course is for local businesses... And until now had not found one that goes into Google My Business and citations before.

I have also been asked 'What do I need to do for my SEO on a brand new site?' and until now hadn't found a course that really lays down all the fundamental steps like this...

But these are just the bonuses!

The real power lies in what he calls the three pillars of Search Engine Optimization.

This is where all the power lies and he leaves no stone unturned!

In fact, as I was going through the course, I learned about several new tools and ways to analyze my site in order to identify the biggest opportunities for my site.

Now I've never heard SEO presented this way and it is much more comprehensive view that breaks each component into small and bite-sized ideas.

This whole course is like that...  Every video is easy to consume and Tommy is clearly a pro because he breaks down all of these ideas and links them together in a format that even a total noob can understand.

With that said, as an ex-pro SEO I am learning a ton!

Whether you are looking to build a solid search engine optimization skill set from the ground up or you are a seasoned vet looking for some continuing education, I highly recommend ClickMinded!

What makes the Clickminded course different?

Most SEO courses are able to communicate effectively one aspect required, but they leave holes missing in the other components of SEO. Search engine optimization requires multiple types of knowledge from the technical analysis to the content creation and more.

Compared to other SEO courses, click minded balances all of the required knowledge and discipline for successful SEO campaign and honestly for growing an authority website, in one place.

Also, Tommy brings experience and knowledge from years of in-house work as the head of SEO for air B&B and PayPal both. Most other SEO courses are built by people who simply thought that this was a good niche to go into… And who lack the years of real-world experience required to truly excel in this space.

The content is structured in a way that makes it easy to consume and very actionable. Whether you're just getting started, or you've been doing SEO for years…

You will quickly be able to figure out where you are within the training and what the next modules and lessons are to help you increase your traffic through search engine optimization.

A Clickminded coupon code and discount for you as a reader.

As an affiliate of click mind it, and a friend of Tommy's… I negotiated an option where I am giving up a percentage of my commissions in order to obtain a discount for you if you order through my link.

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If you have any questions for me about the ClickMinded course, leave me a comment below!

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