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BIG Results From Very Few Subscribers...

Yesterday's email was all about the power of 1.

How you really only need 1 great traffic source and 1 great opt-in offer.

Today, I've got a couple of super short stories for you...

And a free training for you at the end.

Because most people think they need to get 10,000 subscribers or something crazy before they can start making "real money"

And that's simply not true!

First off, a CandC member named Kevin has been plugging away on YouTube for a couple of months and has produced 15 videos.

With a whopping 93 subscribers he is already getting requests for consulting work from high value clients!

He has a super-focused niche and he is creating 100% value driven content...

Corporate employees looking for help with this software tool he teaches are finding him already and since he's putting out the "how to" videos…

He's clearly the expert!

And just like that a successful consulting business is off to the races!

#2 is Kristina... "Your Real Estate Whisperer" in Ascension Parish Louisiana. (subscribe if you visit her channel!)

A town of about 120,000 people between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

She has been publishing a few videos per week for a couple years now...

Total subscriber count? 1,929...

And it has revolutionized her real estate business...

She is getting high quality leads and new clients from her videos.

The best part?  How much fun she's having!

Her personality shines through, she's doing little skits in videos...

Collaborating with her kids, her husband, doing trivia live streams...

Pure awesomeness.  The amount of FUN she is having while giving value to her audience is MAGNETIC.

No wonder her business is exploding!

Final example... Me.

When my list was 3500 subscribers, which is TINY in the world of internet marketing...

I promote a product that was being retired.

Up against some huge name gurus in the space with lists of more than 100,000 subscribers, I just shared my honest opinion.

End result?

Generated more sales than any other affiliate with the smallest list out of the top 20.


Here's the big takeaway:

Subscriber numbers are simply a vanity metric.

It's all about how much your audience likes you, trusts you and believes you can help them.

Finally, I promised you a free training.

Click here for Andre Chaperones "Lucrative Email List Building" course.

In it he teaches how to generate monster profits from tiny lists through the power of story.

Totally free.

If you haven't been through this one yet, make sure you get through it this weekend!


Miles "It's Closer Than You Think!" Beckler


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