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recommended resourcesIn building a full time income online, I've gone through my share of trial, error and tribulations.

I've tried dozens of tools, systems and educational courses and find that 90% of the time they are complete rubbish. There are, however, a few tools and resources that I am still using to this day to build my business and this page is where you can learn what I use.

Full disclosure… The links below are most likely affiliate links, meaning I receive compensation if you click them and order. With that said, the only reason I am promoting these items is because I am actively using them. You pay the same price, whether you sign up from my link or direct with the company.

Lets get to it…

#1 – Get The “Dot Com Secrets” Book for FREE The Book That Explains It All – If you are still trying to piece everything together from YouTube videos, podcasts and blog posts… Good on ya!  But truth be told, everything becomes easier when you have a road map and this free book is a fantastic guide to building profitable sales funnels and internet businesses.  Click here and get the book for free, now.

#2 – (FREE) Funnel Training Webinar –  The free book above is fantastic… But it is a book and you have to wait for it to be shipped to you and then you have to read it.  If you want the ‘gist' of that book in a webinar format, delivered to you in about an hour… This is the option for you.  The author from the book above is the trainer here, and this is a part of an even larger webinar that I've watched and studied many times.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Click here and get access to the free training webinar, now.

#3 – Aweber Email Autoresponder – It is imperative that you have an email autoresponder that allows you to easily build a list of prospects and customers. Plus, they must have a great relationship with the email service providers (like Gmail) so that your emails reach the inbox. Aweber is the only autoresponder I use and I have been using them for over 5 years now and they are the only email service provider I trust with my nearly 100,000 subscribers. – Click here to get started with Aweber Email Marketing, now!

#4 – Click Funnels Sales Funnel & Shopping Cart – In order to build a sustainable online business, you must have a system in place to collect leads, sell products and optimize your efforts through split testing. Click Funnels is the only ‘all in one' system I use and I've tested several. From web hosting and squeeze pages to sales pages, checkout pages and product delivery areas, they do it all. – Click here to get started with a 14 day free trial of Click Funnels now!

#5 – Thrive WordPress & Theme with Landing Page Builder – For the ‘Do it yourself'er' who wants to build their funnels manually, I recommend using Thrive Themes and their Content Builder plugin. This is a ‘one time payment' alternative to Click Funnels (above) and requires more design and development on your end, but is still very easy if you have WordPress experience. You will need a web hosting. – Click here to get started with Thrive Themes, today.

#6 – SamCart Checkout Pages You Can Split Test – When you run an online business, there is one page that makes all the difference… Your checkout page.  I have used ClickBank, DigitalAccessPass, eStore plugins and more to sell products and they all have terribly ugly checkout pages that convert at ~10% of customers and lower.  This system plugged into my shopping cart and allowed me to split test my checkout pages and after a 10 minute setup, I was converting over 50% of customers… That is a 500% increase on customers!  If you are using a default checkout page with a basic shopping cart system, you MUST upgrade and start testing… Click here for a 14 day trial of the best checkout pages ever.

#7 – Live Funnel Hacking Conference – If you have made it this far through the list, you have your funnel built, your list is growing and you are generating cashflow.  Now you need to surround yourself with people smarter than you so you can take it to the next level!  I have been to conferences all over the world and this event is the one I'm most excited about.  It is in Dallas, Texas starting February 21st, 2017.  The 2016 conference was epic… Don't miss this one! – Click Here to join me at the Live Funnel Hacking Conference in 2017!

#8 – (FREE) The Perfect Webinar Script – If you are planning your first webinar or are looking to increase the sales from the webinars you are already putting on, you MUST GET THIS SCRIPT! The creator of this script/system, Russell Brunson attributes this script to over $30,000,000 in sales and he is giving it to you for free! I personally have friends who use this script and they swear by it, so if you are ready to explode your webinar profits, click here now and get the script.

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